These 'Expositions of the Paranormal' feature demonstrations of ESP and Psychic Power, with lectures on Astrology, Palmistry, Auras and much more.

     Join us for our annual conventions of seers, soothsayers and clairvoyants.  Gaze into a crystal ball, have your tarot cards read or the lines in your palm  analyzed.  Vendors of crystals, stones, jewelry and other products will be in attendance.  Health practitioners will be there to meld away your aches and pains with massage, aroma therapy, reiki treatments and information on other methods of holistic health practices.

     We believe that the ancient art of fortune telling is the 'World's Second Oldest Profession.'  Today, the modern psychic fair features practitioners of the paranormal arts, palm readers, clairvoyants, numerologists and astrologers.  Dozens of exhibitors, including many of your favourites, will be assembling in Toronto from across Canada and the World to show off their special gift of peering into the unknown.

Psychic Readings are available from many different exhibitors.  Charges concerning personal readings are not included in the general admission price.  Lectures and Demonstrations, however, are included with general admission.


The TORONTO PSYCHIC EXPO, and the ESP PSYCHIC EXPO, have become one. Formaly, one was at Exhibition Place, and the other at the International Centre. With the changes in locations, the names have become one and interchangeable.